Monday, February 17, 2014

Free shareware anyone?

Like everybody I like good free software (thinking of 7-Zip, GIMP, VLC & others) and once in a while you need a tool for a specific job like data recovery and end up in the world of shareware.  Problem is trial versions - not that they expire but they're crippled.  I hate that, I want to give a full kick to the tires before I buy.

Bu sheer luck I landed on Shareware On Sale and found a few tools which are worth it.  Subscribe to the daily newsletter and you'll be kept up to date of their new free (or almost free) offerings.  Even saw stuff from Cyberlink there, but not all is good, keep your eyes open & some will have adwarew.  Worth a peek at least and some Mac stuff shows up as well.  Enjoy!

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