Thursday, February 20, 2014

Prog Thursday: Anathema's Weather System

Once in a while listening to online radio stations your head turns around, looking at the screen/app/speakers and you end up asking ""hatwhazzat?" - and Anathema's Weather System album hit the target right in the middle for this reaction.

To be fair I only own their last two studio albums (Weather Systems is the latest, We're here because we're here is the predecessor) so I have not been following them for a while (say like Riverside) so I'm a new fan, and am I ever happy to be one.

Anathema's sound to me is a mix of concepts, textures, melodies and beautiful arrangements, and for the majority (if not all) the album feels like a well put together piece of music where all the songs end up making a greater whole (think of The Beatles together Vs separately if you will).  Each following song takes off where the previous left, which is hard to accomplish the right way.

If you're into Porcupine Tree or Gazpacho, give it a whirl, it will prove to be quite satisfying.  Here is a YouTube clip of the whole album so you can kick the tires and wonder where this band has been all your life:

Where to buy:

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