Friday, February 28, 2014

Prog Thursday: Jolly

Who?  Jolly?  Never heard of them?  Neither did I not so long ago, now I'm a Jelly (that's how Jolly nicknames their fans).  Only 3 albums under their belt and already on the 2014 Prognation at Sea cruise should tell you something.

For the sake of labeling Jolly, think of them as "alt-prog-metal".  Or as I like say: think of Tool but happy, as weird as this may sound.

Caught these guys live a few months ago opening for Scale the Summit and The Reign of Kindo (me no likey but my buddy bought their CDs - they more jazz-prog).  Franly, they stole the show in my book, so the next thing I did was to check out their material online, listened to The Audio Guide to Happiness Vols 1 & 2 then went to iTunes to have my own copies of these fantastic albums.

You don't need to start with Vol 1 but it does not hurt.  Vol 2 is their best one yet, and it's amazing.  Designed with bi-neural tones (yeah had to look it up too) and this is supposed to make you happy.  Don't know if it works but the music is great so that makes me happy by definition.

If you like your prog creative & loud, this is worth your time.  Here is a playlist for  listening

Where to buy

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