Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feeling handy with the dishwasher

Last Saturday morning I open the dishwasher to empty it from the overnight cleaning cycle and  found this abnormal amount of water at the bottom, so I decided to force a "cancel" and drain the unit.  Same amount of water afterwards.  Oooo problems problems problems, and I'm not the handiest handyman in the world.

After Googling for a while I followed some tips to unclog the unit but to no avail, the problem persisted.  So I decided to reach the parts I could not check out but after removing some easy parts it was obvious that I could not reach the parts I needed to clean, YouTube to the rescue!  Here is the clip I used to disassemble (not kidding) the whole unit:
You gotta love the intertubes for lending a hand, so I cleaned everything and found nothing which created obstruction for the water flow..  Enough of this, called a tech to take a look at it.  After poking at it for 5 minutes he spotted the red part which was misbehaving:
It was not moving, after years of use some dirt & such prevented normal usage.  What a relief, did not want to change a dishwasher which working fine and most importantly wash dishes by hand.  Problem solved.  Learned the inner mechanics of a dishwasher in the process so on a grand scale was worth it :)

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