Thursday, April 10, 2014

Prog Thursday: The World is a Game by Mystery

This is *yet* another band I started listening to because of them playing on an online radio station, probably   Without these stations, I'd be lost!

Now to the subject at hand: Mystery.  This is  a band from not too far from here, in the greater Montreal area and their lead signer is Benoit David (yes, the guy who took over from Jon Anderson from Yes from 2008 to 2012).

What caught my attention was the way the band sounds, smart.  Some prog band try too hard, but these guys have a great sound and as soon as I could I pre-ordered the latest album The World is a Game.  I'd say this is for fans of Pendragon and Marillion, it's just good.  So good I got the other album One Among the Living as well.   Here is a sample & one of the best tracks on the album:

Highly recommend you give this band a chance, you can buy it here.

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