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Just ask my wife and she'll confirm that I most likely own too many grills & BBQ books.  Yes I love to grill & smoke and do I all year long even if I live in a area with too much snow (I have an old Napoleon I keep just for winter!).  So thought I'd share the cookbooks I use and shamelessly connect them to Amazon (another source of financial drain in this household) so you can grab your own.

Enjoy & don't blame me for the weight gain!

1- Units

Item Comments US Canada
Napoleon Prestige 500 My main grill, got the one with the rear burner for rotisserie & no side burners which I never use.  Prestige or Mirage?  Prestige is made in Canada, Mirage China.  Your call but I bought it for the long haul.  Love it. Link Link
Weber 1-touch 22,5" Gold Gotta love charcoal, and there is nothing better when you have enough time to use it.  Got the Gold for the ash removal, very useful.  Fun tool. Link Link
Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5" Awesome tool, next time I'll go for the 22." unit.  If you've never used a smoker it's really easy and does miracles to ribs & salmon. Link Link
Napoleon Ultrachef Grill This is what I used before the Presige 500, kept it and use it on the deck for winter with all that snow.  Yes, I'll grill in freezing temperatures.  Good basic unit, much better built than the low-cost department store ones. Link Sorry

2- Books

Book name Author Comments USA Canada
How to grill Steven Raichlen This is where it all started for me.  Basic techniques for all, a must. Link Link
The Barbecue! Bible Steven Raichlen Part 2 - good complement & swiss army knife. Link Link
Real Grilling (Weber) Jamie Purviance Awesome set of recipes.
Good addition, great author
Link Link
Smoke (Weber) Jamie Purviance Want to
figure out the ancient art of smoking food and like me you're a newbie?  This book will teach you the basics and has
recipes for each type of grill/smoker.
A must buy in my book.
Link Link
Championship BBQ Paul Kirk Don't be fooled by the cover - this book is a gem.  Almost did not buy it, now it's my go-to
repertoire for rubs & sauces. 
Link Link
Smoke & Spice Bill & Cheryl Jamison Decent add-on to the library once you've done most of Jamie
Purviance's Smoke book (links are to a new edition)
Link Link
The complete License to Grill Rob Raiford Recipes from the TV show from a few years ago on FoodTV Canada
(think the US got it too).  Full of
classics in our household!
Link Link
Born to Grill Rob Raiford More goodness from Rob Rainford, 'nuff said. Link Link

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